We developed this guide based on current information provided to IPF patients by:

  • hospitals;
  • patient organisations; and
  • industry.

This included:

  • nineteen guides issued by patients’ associations;
  • seventeen guides issued by hospitals; and
  • four guides issued by industries.

Medical experts and patient groups reviewed, assessed and edited the information to compile a high-quality, unbiased and comprehensive patient guide.

Two meetings among patient representatives and members of the EU-IPFF Scientific Advisory Board took place (in Brussels, in November 2016 and in Milan, in February 2017) to review and apprise the information collected.

For more information or to share any concerns or comments you may have on this guide’s contents, please contact: secretariat@eu-ipff.org


We have used numbered references in square brackets throughout this document. You can find the complete references in section 16.